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            • It's time to join us

              CBI membership is your partner to success. Resolving challenges, mitigating risks, championing British business. Empower your business.

            • The Business View

              The CBI responds to the latest Brexit developments, gender pay gap reporting and the government's white paper on online harms.

            • Events you'll want to attend

              Expand your network, hear from inspirational speakers and get the latest intelligence. Book the events that will help your business.

            • Campaigning to make a difference

              The CBI tackles the issues challenging British business. From Brexit, to the Apprenticeship Levy, we campaign for impactful change.

            • Need help navigating the economic environment?

              Could a CBI expert provide support through bespoke analysis and intelligence to help your business succeed?

            • The UK economy explained

              CBI Economics powers your business intelligence to new heights. Briefings and updates from Rain Newton-Smith, CBI Chief Economist are now on My CBI.